Tito, Aqua, and Pricella have been granted eternal life.
For a hundred years they have existed as one entity, their souls living together in harmony.
However, there are those who conspire to disrupt that harmony. Minions of the deity Gli'mri'a--powerful magicians known as the Thirty Fingers of the goddess--have been unleashed to steal the secrets of immortality.Their task, though, will not be an easy one, for over the last century TAP, too,has unlocked the secrets of the material puzzle...
Join Tito, Aqua, Pricella, and their companions on a grand adventure as they travel to the magical nation of Memoria, rules by their long-time friend, Bharet.

After fifty long years, Tito, Aqua, and Pricella have finally returned to the magical nation of Memoria.
Moments after their arrival, they are reunited with their childhood friend, Glinne. However, that reunion is cut short by a ruthless ambush conspired by one of the Thirty Fingers of the Goddess-Mapleson.
With strength, cunning, and impeccable teamwork, TAP and their companions successfully thwart the plans of this fearless foe. However, there is little time for celebration, as they soon find out that Adallapata and an entourage of mysterious and deadly magicians have also set foot into the kingdom.

Can TAP safely make their way to Memoria Castle where King Bharet has begun the preparations for an extravagant welcome? And what awaits our heroes when they arrive?

After enduring a glueling test of srrength and loyality, Tito is once again united with his long-time friend, Bharet.
While many moons have passed since their last meeting, the bonds between T.A.P and the king remain as strong as the day were conceived. However, the joy of the moment is cut short when Prince Glinne is informed of his mother's passing, and he is left to mourn the loss in the shadow of the queen's grave.

Outside the castle, the kingdom is busy preparing for the Mystic Festa--an annual competition that pits the skills of contestants from around the world in a winner-takes-all extravaganza. But little does the city know that behind the banter and excitements of the celebration lurks an evil unimaginable. That evil's name is Yoma--known by many as one of the Thirty Fingers of the Goddess...known by all as the messenger of death...

The ruthless onslaught of Memoria has begun.
However, this attack is not part of any plan conceived by the Goddess Gri'Mri'a, but a sadistic act powered by the greed and ambition of one maniacal member of her cold-blooded minions--Yoma.

To protect the people of the kingdom, Zeal Boy confronts the deadly "messenger of death," but is ultimately met with bitter defeat. Now, all that stands in the way of Memoria Castle's certain collapse is T.A.P.

Can T.A.P quench the flames of destruction that Yoma has cast upon the kingdom? Will Priscilla's return spell victory for the fear-stricken people of Memoria? And what of the unborn soul that slumbers within our fearless hero...?

Eighteen of the world's most powerful warriors have begun gathering in Memoria to participate in the Grand Pentacle--a grueling competition where only the victor is presented with the legendary forbidden magic "Inochinanatsu Midarezuki."

However, in the festifity's shadows lurks a bloodthirsty fiend known only as the "Dark Ripper." To free the kingdom from the tightening grip of fear, Chamitts, Wright, and Sahn set out on a extensive manhunt.

To unlock the potent magic of legend, eighteen of the world's most powerful warriors have converged on Memoria to take part in the extravaganza known as the Grand Pentacle. The first match pits the strength and wits of Mikaze, Eiki, and Hildemarlo. Using the Staff of Omnitude, a technique taught by Shihime(Sが抜けている模様), the mysterious beast who dwells within his enchanted mask, Mikaze succeeds in neutrizing Eiki's magic. However, MP is not the only trick Eiki has up his sleeve...
The second match features Zeal Boy versus Mertina versus Sharlock. To overcome Mertina's overwhelming attack, Meteon, Zeal Boy hurries to complete the Manasynth Strike using only his left arm. And all the while, Sharlock is...
Finally, in the festivities' shadows, the Dark Ripper continues to wreck Havoc on the kingdom, claiming yet another victim while the authorities rush to bring the killer's true identity to light.

Who will emerge victor in this ultimate quest for a fabled sword and the power that slumbers within its blade?

Memoria's Grand Pentacle is underway, and the third match of the first round has begun. The current bout pits the strength and wits of three exceptional challengers in Aqua, Liucica, and Id. However, Id's mighty weapon, the Warlock Axe, is posing many problems for his opponents. The axe is protected from all physical damage by a special type of rubber, and is protected from all magical damage by a mystic barrier energized with the power of the legendary Gotaiseki.

To overcome this seemingly invincible foe, Aqua chooses to transform back into Tito, And when the newly awoken member of TAP sees Liucica on the battlefield, he attempts to persuade her to leave the competition, Unfortunately, there is much more waiting for her away from the battle than anyone could have excepted...

Finally Tito reveals the mystery behind the annihilation of Dormalola, the advent of Diuduma the Almighty, and the dark secrets that drive Gli'mri'a...

Planetary conversion-- a fiendish scheme conjured up by the goddess Gli'mri'a to revive her long-vanquished home planet by erasing all trace of this one. Only a force as powerful as the Inochinanatsu Midarezuki can prevent this looming cataclysm, ultimately leaving the destiny of his fragile world in the hands of he who emerges victor of the Grand Pentacle.

Memoria crown prince and skilled mage, Glinne, is next up to prove his claim to the forbidden magic. However, the coming match will pit him against his greatest rival...

Soon, the final six competitiors to proceed to the second tier will be decided.

The Grand Pentacle's first tier of battles has come to a close, opening the door to a new tound of mayhem.

The first confrontation features Mikaze, Sharlock, and Liucica, with the cunning Sharlock gaining the upper hand when he obtains the power of the legendary Empyreal Dragon. What will become of Mikaze and Liucica when the deadly beast awakens?

The second confrontation pits crown prince Gllinne with Rizel ans Cho--two potent rivals whose abilities on the battlefield remain shrouded in a veil of mystery...

Who will emerge victorious and continue on to the final battle for the fabled Inochinanatsu Midarezuki?

The final round of the Grand Pentacle is nearly over and a new champion is soon to be crowned. Will it be the recently unmasked Mikaze, or the crafty and cunning Cho who claims the ultimate prize--the Inochinanatsu Midarezuki.

At long last, the true identity of the Dark Ripper is revealed. Will the legendary Bladesages, Chamitts and Schdann succeed in preventing the hallowed hails of Memoria Castle from being stained with the blood of innocent souls? Or, will Prince Glinne be forced to unlock the power of the Divine Pendulum to save the kingdom?

And finally, the fearsome duo of Tsuki-Maru and Taiyo-maru begin a new march of terror. while Sharlock takes up an unprecedented challenge to salvage his once mighty pride.

The Grand Pentacle has come to a conclusion and the ceremony to unlock the Inochinanatsu Midarezuki has begun. To stop the processing, Tsuki--maru and Taiyo--maru make their way through the Isle of Mhyrj; but, Rizel and Sharlock intercept them before they reach their destination. However, they aren't the only one who have their minds set on infiltrating the ceremony--a member of the elite Five Finger of the Goddess, Quolqumalie, has also launched his attack!

Will Sharlock finally avenge the destruction of his people? Can Zeal Boy protect Mikaze until the Celemony of Transference is complete?
And what power will the full moon bequeath upon the Messenger of Death?